Brooklyn Man Arrested In Manspreading Assault On The Subway

A Brooklyn woman riding a rush-hour train Thursday night was punched in the face by the manspreading man next to her after she asked him to give her a little room

Saia said she had gotten on the subway at Bay Parkway stop in Midwood and was riding to work when the man sitting next to her began manspreading, pushing her against the side of the auto with his legs.

The man allegedly flipped out and got in her face after she asked him to make room for her. When the battered commuter called headquarters, officers there informed her she would be wasting her time to go there and just told her she could file a report at any precinct. "You ain't nothing, you f- -king b- - -h!" he told her. I've raped white b--s like you, f-ing c-!

Saia told him to relax and put her earbuds in.

Saia said that fellow commuters came to her aid and that a man kicked the offender off the train.

Here, in a video captured after the incident, Saia argues with the suspect on the train.


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One of Saia's co-passengers, Anthony Macca, who shared the video on his Facebook page, said he did not actually witness the assailant punch the Brooklyn woman but he did see the Good Samaritan standing up for Saia. "I told him I was an off-duty officer to diffuse the situation and he changed his tune. So I said, "Get the 'F" off the train'". Get off the train bro, you just f***ing hit a lady'.

Saia said she reported the incident to the police and was filing at a local precinct.

She'd only posted it "to get his face out there", she said. She said the department near her work sent her to a different precinct, yet, once there, she was told she could have made the report at any precinct.

"My next step was blow this up on social media", Saia told the Daily News. "This took me by surprise".

The rude passenger, instead of calming down, turned aggressive and punched Saia in the face, causing her head to reel back and hit the train's wall. Crushing it, NYC. I sure feel safe... "I don't want this to happen to other women or men". Someone got it on video, and caught when he'd pulled the scarf down. A fellow rider sprinted through the vehicle and grabbed Smith. He said he saw Saia and the man arguing, but he did not see him hit her. "The (good Samaritan) grabbed the other guy, I started recording", Macca told the Daily News.

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