Astronomers discover the fastest-growing black hole ever


This supermassive black hole is the fastest-growing quasar in the known universe.

This supermassive quasar was around when the 13.8-billion-year-old universe was only about 1.2 billion years old. When gas and dust enter the void, the matter is massively accelerated and heated at very high temperature - giving us the incredible burst of light we're seeing with the fastest growing black hole.

The mammoth black hole also emanates vast amounts of radiated X-rays, which would probably "make life on Earth impossible", the astronomer pointed out.

At this point, Wolf and his team are unsure about what exactly led to the creation of the fastest growing black hole during the early days of the universe, but they will be taking steps to discover more just like it in the coming months.

And it's a good thing this monster black hole isn't at the centre of our Milky Way. Christian Wolf said that this unveiled black hole has been evolving so quickly that it has got the shine which is thousand times brighter than a whole galaxy. They believe objects like these are extremely rare but could be the key to gain more insight into the beginning and expansion of our universe. This also helped with its detection as light waves from the black hole red-shifted during their long journey to Earth, allowing the astronomers to use ANU's SkyMapper telescope to detect them in near-infrared.

Supermassive black holes - or quasars - are hard to find among the billions of stars in the universe.

"The light has travelled for 12 billion years until it reached us and we were now able to see this".

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The ancient quasar lies at a safe distance of billions of light-years from Earth.

Supermassive black holes, like the fastest growing black hole that was just recently discovered, were likely formed shortly after the galaxies were formed - says Wolf.

"As the universe expands, space expands and that stretches the light waves and changes their color", Wolf clarified. Therefore, it's easy to understand how researchers spotted it even if it's so far away. "It would appear as an incredibly bright pinpoint star that would nearly wash out all of the stars in the sky", he added.

The study was published May 11 in the Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia.

"Astronomers find a hungry black hole that could gobble up our sun in two days", he warned his followers.

Hence, it is fortunate for the mankind that the black hole is located far beyond.

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