Coffee is good for you, more science shows

Drinking Coffee May Help You Live Longer Study SaysMore

In one study of nearly half a million people spread out across 10 European nations, researchers found that drinking three cups of coffee a day may help you live longer.

This recent study drew from data from the UK Biobank study, an in-depth research initiative collecting data and following 500,000 people for three decades.

Nonetheless, the researchers say coffee drinking could be a crucial part of a healthy diet. Overall, coffee drinkers were about 10-15 percent less likely to die than coffee abstainers.

The study also found that it did not matter what kind of coffee people drank, and how much.

In other words while coffee drinking has some benefits especially in dealing with non-communicable diseases, your genes decide how well you metabolise caffeine.

From that huge sample size, the study found that coffee drinking had a pronounced inverse association with mortality, meaning fewer participants who regularly consumed coffee died during the study period.

In a study of almost half-a-million British adults, coffee drinkers had a slightly lower risk of death over 10 years than abstainers.

No doubt more coffee studies will be along in the very near future. However, the findings provide additional reassurance to coffee drinkers, while reinforcing previous research on the benefits of the beverage to human health.

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A new study published Monday in Jama Internal Medicine found that drinking large amounts of coffee may help you live longer. Also, what heavy coffee drinking-around six cups or more a day-does to the body also needs further investigation, the authors noted. But it turns out that even slow caffeine metabolizers seem to share the death-risk-reduction connected to coffee drinking. That study is particularly important, as it shows these benefits apply to African Americans, Native Hawaiians, Japanese Americans, Latinos, and white people.

As with all studies like this in which researchers observe a group of people over time, this study can't prove that coffee is the cause of the reduced risk of death.

We're not saying you should drink a giant cup of scalding coffee after a workout instead of water or gatorade, but you can't put all the dehydration blame on your morning grande latte.

Wellington barista Clarke Gardiner is welcoming evidence from a major United Kingdom study linking coffee consumption with a lower risk of premature death.

Due in part to these compounds, people who follow a more plant-based approach to eating have lower rates of chronic diseases, such as certain cancers, obesity, diabetes, dementia, heart disease and depression, she added.

So is all of the glowing research around coffee consumption scientifically sound, or yet another case of over-hyped public health reporting lacking nuance?

"We know that some people metabolize caffeine quite slowly and are less tolerant of the apparent physical affects of caffeine, which of course comes from many sources other than coffee".

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