NASA plans to conduct public tests of its quiet supersonic technology

NASA tests ‘quiet’ supersonic jet which will go from London to New York in three hours

So, the Galveston test flights can be considered as more of a glimpse on the future of air travel. In addition, audio sensors will be placed throughout the city. "We won't have a noise monitor on their shoulder inside their home", Alexandra Loubeau, NASA's team lead for sonic boom community response research at Langley, Virginia, said in a statement. "But we'd at least want to estimate an estimate of the noise level that they actually heard".

Preliminary testing of the research methodology using the F/A-18 was conducted in 2011 with the assistance of the military community living on the grounds in Edwards Air Force Base in California.

The X-59 QueSST supersonic plane was included in the White House's 2019 budget request for NASA earlier this year as part of a $633.9 million funding proposal for aeronautics research.

A sonic boom is the loud thunder-like sound that happens because of shock waves that are created when an object travelling through the atmosphere travels faster than the speed of sound. However, Ed Haering, a NASA aerospace engineer at Armstrong said that you might barely hear anything at all. "But the airplane's shape is carefully tailored such that those shockwaves do not combine". The tests will aim to determine just how loud NASA's new "quiet" supersonic technology really is, and compare it to the sounds of a traditional sonic boom. Formerly known as the X-Plane or "Low-Flight Flight Demonstrator" this jet is now being called X-59 QueSST.

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The X-59 is scheduled for delivery by the end of 2021.

Lockheed Martin was to collaborate with NASA for this project and now, reports have emerged saying that by November, flight tests will be conducted over a populated region in Texas to test how silent the aircraft turned out to be.

NASA's mission to create a quiet supersonic aircraft that could revolutionize air travel has moved a step closer with plans for tests over Texas. Clues again to keep the sky back to the F/A-18 makes rolls where it relates and does the screw through Mac 1. "While construction continues on the X-59, we can use that diving maneuver to generate quiet sonic thumps over a specific area".

To see the F/A-18 in action, watch the above NASA video from a flight at the Armstrong Flight Research Center. You can hear a double boom at 43 seconds and a thump at 2:34.

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